“From dusk to dawn, that’s when the magic happens.”

EP. 005 – Tara Massan: Meaningful connections, social roles and ego.

Tara Massan, founder of Be Moved, life coach and published writer whose work has been featured on 20+ publications. It’s sounds easy when I put it that way.

EP. 004 – Re-branding The Podcast

EP. 004 RE-BRANDING THE PODCAST I convinced myself that having a podcast attached to the Kegs & Code brand made sense. What I didn't realize was that Kegs & Code was more established than what I thought. This podcast is about what happens behind the scenes,...

EP. 003 – Dan Kennedy: Leap of faith, family, emotional & physical health.

Dan Kennedy is the founder of Free State Craft Beer Delivery, but that didn’t happen until he left his 14 year long career in higher education.

EP. 002 – Be Yourself

Last year I had a chance of a lifetime to take Kegs & Code to a whole new level but I blew it! One thing I can tell you: be yourself.

EP.001- Sarah Downey: Adjust the course, find happiness

Sarah Downey on finding happiness outside of work and increasing productivity, the challenges of connecting different products under one brand and much more

Dusk to Dawn Podcast is Live! That’s when the magic happens!

The Kegs & Code podcast is live! My inspiration to start this podcast came about when I decided to start sharing what my journey as an entrepreneur really looks like. It was about what happens before dawn and after dusk.



You are here for a reason. Maybe you feel stuck with your idea, maybe you feel like you don’t belong, maybe you know something needs to change but you don’t know what.

This is what the Dusk to Dawn podcast is all about.

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Everything started brewing my own beer when I decided to create a journal to log my craft beer recipes, the Brew Journal. That idea turned into a “side-hustle”, that turned into a 6-figure business, and now branched out into the Dusk to Dawn podcast.

Kegs & Code is where I express my creativity in the form of beer and wine products and it’s how I connected with many other entrepreneurs.

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