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“From dusk to dawn, that’s when the magic happens.”

EP. 037 – Sera Polan: Life Balance & Conscious Parenting

Sera Polan has a full-time job as a full stack web developer, has two daughters and she is developing an app for female entrepreneurs as her side-hustle. We talked about conscious parenting, life balance and how she decided to start developing an app.

EP. 036 – What do you want to create?

Everyday we use products and services that were once only a thought. If you ever brought a product to market and now people are using that in their daily lives, you know it’s a bit hard to wrap your mind around that concept. What’s something that you want to create? What idea do you want to bring to life?

EP. 035 – Shane Breslin: The Pursuit Of Happiness

Shane Breslin is a TEDx speaker, the founder of the Habits of Happiness and a digital marketer. But to get to where he is today, he dealt with depression for many years and had jobs he didn’t really enjoy but couldn’t point out what was “off” until he decided to address the root causes.

EP. 034 – To grow, we have to welcome change.

Since I started my side-hustle, change has been the only constant (cliche I know, but true). I changed my mindset, friends, daily habits and even the way I present myself to the world. Sometimes in order to step up to the next level, change is uncomfortable. Change requires extreme commitment.

EP. 033 – Wayne Richard: The burning desire to make it happen

Wayne Richard is the father of five and was an accountant for a big corporation for 16 years until he took the leap of faith and started his own business, a cloud-based bookkeeping company, Prescribed Bookkeeping. We touch on tying your self-worth to corporate roles, early on struggles and more!

EP. 032 – Starfish. You Are Making A Difference.

Sometimes we work hard at something and we have a big vision but that moment of self-doubt creeps in late at night or when we hit a major road block. We think that we can’t possibly be making a difference, but that’s just not true. You are making a difference one life at a time.

EP. 031 – Pete Honsberger: How to deliver a memorable speech

Pete Honsberger is a man of many trades. He has a full-time job while pursuing 3 side-hustles. He used his keynote speaker skills to write his first book “Don’t Burn Your Toast” and this episode is packed with actionable steps on how to deliver a memorable speech.



You are here for a reason. Maybe you feel stuck with your idea, maybe you feel like you don’t belong, maybe you know something needs to change but you don’t know what.

This is what the Dusk to Dawn podcast is all about.

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Everything started brewing my own beer when I decided to create a journal to log my craft beer recipes, the Brew Journal. That idea turned into a “side-hustle”, that turned into a 6-figure business, and now branched out into the Dusk to Dawn podcast.

Kegs & Code is where I express my creativity in the form of beer and wine products and it’s how I connected with many other entrepreneurs.

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