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EP. 030

4 Things I Do To Overcome Anxiety

For me, feeling anxious has so many downsides. One thing is to feel overwhelmed and anxious temporarily because you are planning a wedding, or buying a house, or have a big meeting coming up. That feeling of anxiety tends to go away once the big event is passed. Another thing is to feel overwhelmed and anxious often by things that seem to not progress and you feel like your to-do list keeps growing and there is never enough time in the day to get things done.

The downsides of feeling overwhelmed for me are: anxiety and depression. If I feel like I’m not making progress and that there are always more things to do and not enough things that get done, over time I start feeling anxious and eventually depressed. Not good.

I’m running a 6-figure side-hustle, just started a podcast, working on my personal brand and I have big responsibilities in my personal life. All that was inside my head a few months ago and it pushed me over the edge. In this episode I talk about four thing I have done to overcome anxiety and get back to a healthy and productive state of mind.

TAKE AWAY: Get things outside of your head. Visually organize them before your eyes and you will notice that you are making progress every single day.

When you try to think about nothing, you think about a lot of things.


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