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EP. 031

PETE HONSBERGER: How to deliver a memorable speech

Pete Honsberger is a man of many trades, that’s for sure. He has a cool day job that he enjoys but he has three side-hustles at the same time. It’s super interesting how all of them are somewhat connected and he is definitely improving his public speaking and audience connection skills daily.

In this episode Pete leaves you with actionable steps on how to craft a memorable speech, how to connect with the audience, ways to answer questions from the audience and more. He just released his first book “Don’t burn the toast: THE guide to an unforgettable wedding speech”. I read the book and I wish I knew all that when I had to do those nerve wrecking college presentations. If you are looking to take your keynote skills to the next level, adding humor and authenticity, this episode will get your ideas going.

TAKING ACTION: When crafting your next speech think of your own real life stories about the topic you will talk about. Add those into your speech to connect more easily with the audience.

As confident as I am, sometimes I’m afraid to finish a project because I think ‘Is this going to look stupid? Will anybody care?


  • If you love your job, why are pursuing a side-hustle? (2:15)
  • What’s your day job? (3:25)
  • How to land keynote gigs? (6:45)
  • Were you always comfortable in front of an audience? (9:20)
  • Are there words we should avoid when answering a keynote Q&A? (11:50)
  • Did it really take 100 days to write your book? (15:20)
  • How did the Freedom Journal impact the execution of your idea? (17:35)
  • What made you stop working on your side-hustles in the past? (19:25)
  • How many side-hustles do you have right now? (27:20)
  • How did you choose the theme of your book? (31:45)
  • What was holding you back from making it happen? (33:10)
  • Quote of the day [above] (20:20)


Music: MI77ER – Colors

Don’t Burn Your Toast: THE guide to an unforgettable wedding speech book

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The Freedom Journal

Hatch Notebook



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