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EP. 035

SHANE BRESLIN: The pursuit of happiness

Shane Breslin knew something was “off” in his life but he couldn’t figure out what. When he was clinically diagnosed with depression he knew something had to change. That’s when he quit his day job, even without really having a plan in place but he started to take action towards a happy life and spending time with people he loves. Today he is a TEDx speaker, founder of Habits of Happiness and he helps entrepreneurs and companies get clear on their online communication message.

In this episode we talk about what entrepreneurs can do better when it comes to online communication, we talk about overcoming high functioning depression, daily habits and much more!

TAKING ACTION: Don’t ignore the signs that something may be “off” in your life. Change daily habits, seek professional help and try to talk about it with people you love.

For a long time I was presenting a version of myself at work. Then leaving that place after 8 hours, taking a deep breath, a becoming myself.


  • Shane’s entrepreneurial story (2:00)
  • Is there a difference on how the US and Ireland approach social media? (6:00)
  • How do you help your clients improve their social media presence? (8:05)
  • Investing in non-tangible things (12:30)
  • Do you think that speaking at a TEDx event will impact your business? (18:00)
  • Shane’s personal story (23:10)
  • Did you know that by addressing the root causes of your depression, you would have your best year ever? (34:00)
  • What was your day-to-day life when you knew something was wrong but you didn’t know what? (37:30)
  • One of the most powerful stories I’ve ever heard (39:00)
  • What was holding you back from making it happen? (45:50)
  • Quote of the day [above] (18:40)


Music: Frison – Hours ft. Cehryl

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You are here for a reason. Maybe you feel stuck with your idea, maybe you feel like you don’t belong, maybe you know something needs to change but you don’t know what.

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